The Problem

For a small percentage of SnapCell users, audio and video is out of sync when using the Desktop Recorder. This is usually occurs on older-model computers.

Why It Happens
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When you use your webcam to record video through a web browser, your browser records the audio and video separately. They travel across the internet separately, and it is your computer at home that has to put the pieces back together in-sync. 

Processing audio is easy from a computer's point of view, there is less data to manage. Video, on the other hand, takes massive amount of data and processing to produce a video signal.  The CPU  of your computer can only handle so many calculations at one time -- when there is too much data to process when recording, it is generally the video that gets processed slower than the audio.

The result: the audio is encoded first, and the video lags behind. 

Most newer computers can adequately handle audio and video processing in real time. Older computers, or newer computers that are overloaded with open tabs and problems, may encounter issues.

How To Fix It

  • Try closing unused programs and browser windows/tabs to free up processing power
  • Try recording using the Firefox browser, as it is the least likely of web browsers to have issues
  • If you are still experiencing issues you may need to try out the recorder on a different computer, or use the SnapCell mobile/tablet app to record your videos

Please reach out with any questions!

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