If you export a list of the email addresses and phone numbers of sold customers from your CRM, you can run a report within SnapCell to see which videos played a role in those sales. 

Here's how. 

1) Export Data from Your CRM

You'll need export a list of email addresses and phone numbers of sold customers from your CRM -- this can either be in the form of an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file. 

2. Login to the SnapCell Dashboard and navigate to Sold Report page

Click Location Settings > Sold Report
(*Manager or Admin access is required)

3. Enter Email Addresses and Phone Numbers of Sold Customers

You can paste these from your Excel/CSV into the relevant fields, either one per line or separated by comma:

4. Choose Time Period the Sold Customers Are From

For example, if you've entered the data of all sales in the month of June, you may want to choose a time period of May 15 to June 30.

Note: The reason for choosing May 15 rather than June 1, is that a video sent through SnapCell on the 15th of May could have played a role in the sale which eventually closed in June. Any videos sent sooner than that probably didn't play a role.

5. Click "Run Report"

You'll then be taken to the Video Library page in the dashboard. The system will mark any matching videos (except for Thank You videos which won't have helped cause a sale) as sold.

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