When making a video on SnapCell you will notice that what you are creating are a series of clips, highlighting what it is you want to record.  Our technology then compresses these clips so it looks like a seamless video to the end customer.

The benefits:

  • Gives you time to compose yourself and think between each 'take'
  • If you are interrupted or make an initial mistake, it's only human, you're able to retake that 'take' without having to start from the beginning.  Saves time
  • Gives structure to your videos
  • Most importantly keeps the customer engaged

To launch the app > click on the camera icon

For information on the home screen the following icons are:

If you click on the Videos icon this will take you to your video library (note all of your videos are saved in to this library)

If you click on the Customers icon this will take you to the SnapCell messenger, if a customer texts you this is where is will appear.  If you would like to reengage with a customer you can do so from here.

You will be presented in selfie mode (best practice to introduce yourself)

Please note the maximum video time is restricted to 90 seconds.  For good reason.

  • Using stop start is plenty of time to create a video for the customer to engage with you.
  • Research shows that 90secs is the amount of time someone now watches a video before losing interest and being distracted

Now you can start recording > press your finger on the screen and keep it down to record > when you take your finger off it will stop recording > your first take has now been saved > when you click your finger down again it will start recording again > and so on.

Remember to keep your phone upright to record.

To flip your camera > double tap your screen > to continue highlighting your product

Once you have stopped recording your first 'take' you will notice icons around the frame, these are:

The backward arrow when pressed will erase the last 'take' that you created, meaning if you make a mistake or are interrupted you do not have to start from the beginning.

The 'x' will exit you out of the video you are creating and take you to the home screen allowing you to start again.

The flash symbol when click will turn the flash light on your device, giving you light if you are in a darker area.

Once you have finished your video > click on Done

You will automatically be taken to the next screen which is to fill in your customer details to send your video.

Remember to make your title unique to the customer > select message type > enter customer name (this adds it to the video template the customer sees)> complete the email and or phone number > click save & send to send to the customer.

Every video is saved into your video library.


You can save your video without sending to the customer immediately.

Just fill in the Title and Message Type field > the orange button will appear as save video> click save video to put in to your video library to send later.

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