Login to your Dashboard ( You must have a least Managers Stats to add & remove users)

Click > Company Settings (on the left side of your screen) 

> Add User

Check on the left of your screen to see if you have any available users remaining in your store

First Name
Last Name
Telephone Number
User Type - enter position of the user
Approval Required - enter yes only if the user is a Technician or the Manager wants to see the video for approval
User Location - if you are in a multi store location organisation please select your store.

Same page Scroll up > Remove & Edit Users

Click Delete > the user and all there videos will be deleted from the system
Click Edit > you will be able to edit the users details and password

If you need any advice email us below or chat on live chat


Make sure your team are engaged and resend invites to the users highlighted in yellow, they are missing potential sales.

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